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Site metrics are useless for a designer, unless…

On 26, Oct 2016 | No Comments | In UX/UI design | By Nick Conflitti

I am a believer in designing with data. I’m also a firm believer that, if you research something to no end, the design becomes reactionary rather than visionary. Data and creativity need to work hand-in-hand. Read more…

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Creatives Need a Creative Outlet

On 05, Nov 2015 | No Comments | In Inspiration | By Nick Conflitti

image of computer and a cordless drill

I need creative outlets to stay sharp

When you spend your time trying to solve problems through creativity, it’s a little like being a wizard—you can’t just conjure something out of thin air without the right talents in your DNA. Creative people are just different, plain and simple. Our brains are wired differently. We think differently, act differently and see things differently. What we do takes constant thought, struggle, and self-criticism. And it’s exhausting.

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You Must be Influenced to Influence

Image of Nick Conflitti's bookshelf of graphic design

As a professional in the creative industry, it’s important to be influenced by our surroundings. After all, our goal as designers, developers, writers and strategists is to influence people. It is our job to elicit a reaction or emotion out of people after they’ve consumed something we’ve created—all with the hope that our audience buys a product, tells a friend, successfully fills out a form or tweets something about us.

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A flury of new projects

On 08, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Personal News | By Nick Conflitti

It has been a busy and exciting year. I have uploaded some of my newest work that I have completed over the last year. The new projects include the following… Read more…

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Brand Identity: What Factors Make a Good Logo?

On 29, Sep 2012 | No Comments | In Brand Identity, Video | By Nick Conflitti

There are many areas of graphic design that I have ventured into within the last couple years: book cover design, website design, broadcast storyboarding, environmental design and much more. Out of all of the areas, my favorite by far is brand identity design. There is a certain thrill and satisfaction that comes with designing an iconic symbol for a company. That company has put their faith in you to design the face for their entire organization and to differentiate their brand from their competitors.

Image of Nick Conflitti's work space. Duel monitors and lots of books.What makes brand identity design the most challenging is the fact that the icon you’ve designed is usually the first and last thing a person sees during their experience with the brand. There are many things that factor into making a successful, everlasting icon that can (and hopefully will) be used for decades to come. One of my favorite designers, David Airey, summarizes it best:

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The Art of Logo Design | Off Book | PBS

On 18, Jul 2012 | 3 Comments | In Brand Identity, Video | By Nick Conflitti

I love when a new short-documentary comes out about brand identity design–especially when high-profile designers backup the very philosophies I preach to clients. Hearing other professionals reiterate my philosophies towards identities helps remind me I am still sane–even though some clients would beg to differ.

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Jay-Z a Graphic Designer?

Just released this week, the newest team in the NBA has released their new identity. The former New Jersey Nets, now the Brooklyn Nets, are crossing the Lincoln Highway to their new home in Brooklyn, the Barclays Center.

Their new identity… Designed by JAY-Z. Say what?!?!?!

That was my first reaction when I read the headlines. But I actually like the new identity. I think it fits well with the attitude the New York borough exudes.

Image of Brooklyn Nets Coach Avery about the redesign

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New Project Added—Bridal Shower Invitation

On 15, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Personal News | By Nick Conflitti

Check out the newest project added to my portfolio. My cousin Jamie needed a bridal shower invitation designed. But, not just any invitation, a Made in Detroit themed invitation.

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Detroit Tigers 2012 Commercials

On 07, Apr 2012 | No Comments | In Commercial, Detroit, Sports | By Nick Conflitti

Sure is nice to see Detroit teams getting some opportunities off the ball field. Love the Verlander “Perfect Club” commercial. What is your favorite?

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Design Inspiration for the Right-Minded

On 22, Mar 2012 | No Comments | In Inspiration | By Nick Conflitti

Believe it or not, creative people sometimes hit a brick wall. Creativity isn’t something that can always be turned on at a flick of a switch. Sad, but true. Every designer goes through these blocks and I’m sure every designer has their own way of getting back on track.

For me, I take a step back from what I’m working on (or lack thereof) and try to get back on track by reading my favorite blog, looking at my favorite design magazines, or flipping through works of art on my favorite website.

Communication Arts

Image of the magazine Communication Arts

Communication Arts magazine (a.k.a Comm Arts) is a publication by designers for designers. The publication generates five magazines a year, each focusing on a specific area of creativity.

  • Typography
  • Advertising
  • Design
  • Illustration
  • Photography

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