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On 02, Mar 2015 | In | By Nick Conflitti

Strength & Sweat LLC.


Brand Identity + Website design/development


Strength & Sweat LLC.


20-65 year old individuals interested in learning about fitness as well as men and women looking for a knowledgeable personal trainer in the Greater Grand Haven area.

My Role

  • UI/UX Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Developer


Owner of Strength & Sweat LLC., Kelsey Turek is a writer turned fitness guru (but she still does writing.) After an extended period of time of blogging and reviewing all things related to fitness routines and DVDs, Kelsey decided to start her own company. She currently has several personal training clients in the Greater Grand Haven area as well as teaches numerous fitness classes at fitness centers in Grand Haven.

Creative Problem

Kesley had come to me with a name for her company, Strength & Sweat LLC., a tagline, Gain Strength, Drop Sweat, and a good philosophy in which she wanted to build the foundation of her business on. Her philosophy being she wanted to start a “fitness revolution.” She is doing this by creating custom workouts and educating people through her blog on pros and cons to commercialized workout routines.

She needed an identity and website built with a customizable content management system (CMS) for ease of updating her blog while also having a platform that represents her company’s attitude.

Solution (identity)

The identity created for Strength & Sweat speaks to both men and women and clearly communicates in a conceptual manner what her business is about. The identity creates an icon that represents both an abbreviated version of her company name and forms two biceps of a person flexing.

Solution (website)

Kelsey was already familiar with the free version of the blogging platform, so we decided that wordpress would be the easiest and most flexible CMS for what her site needed to accomplish. As blogging is a primary business tool for Kelsey to gain clients and their trust, WordPress was a great fit. It can also expand into much larger sites with more functionality like a possible e-commerce portion later down-the-road for Strength & Sweat merchandise.

The design of the site was based off a key phrase that was said early on in the discovery phase of the branding process–“fitness revolution”. With inspiration from the sharp edges and unique angles used in the typeface of the logo, with the edginess (sorry for the buzz word) of the phrase “fitness revolution,” it was clear that this website shouldn’t look like an easy-going yoga studio.


Kelsey has experienced regular traffic to the site and has gotten numerous communications and inquiries into personal training and fitness advice. The site is providing her a voice to speak to her audience, and provides a direct channel for her target audience to speak with her. Kelsey has also received many compliments on the design of the logo and website.

Live site here

Image of the Strength & Sweat logo

Image of the Strength & Sweat t-shirt design

Image of the Strength & Sweat website homepage

Image of the Strength & Sweat website homepage

Image of the Strength & Sweat proposed logo

Image of the Strength & Sweat proposed logo

Image of the Strength & Sweat proposed logo